Institute of Structural Materials

Swansea University

College of Engineering, Bay Campus, Swansea, SA1 8EN

The Institute of Structural Materials or ISM came into operation in 2015 with the expansion of Swansea University to its second site, the Bay Campus.

Over the last 40 years, the newly titled ISM has evolved from the Materials Engineering Department of Swansea University.  During its long history the ISM has focused on the joint interests of academia and industry, generating world-leading research into structural metals, ceramics and composites for the gas turbine, aerospace, materials processing and power generation sectors.

At the heart of ISM is the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC).  This is a strategic alliance funded through private capitol and EPSRC, a UK Government initiative with Innovate UK  and the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI).  It is this unique opportunity that puts the ISM at the heart of solving cutting edge industrial engineering problems, whilst also allowing the pursuit of academic research with world-leading facilities, people, and collaborators.  Our current commercial partners include  Rolls Royce and Timet, and, historically Boeing and Tata.  Our research partnerships through EPSRC means we work with universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham.  By competing in both the industrial and academic arenas, the ISM provides a unique commercial/academic interface that promotes rigorous scientific query coupled with real world focused engineering application.

One of the unique features of the ISM is that it works side-by-side with the onsite commercial testing facility SMaRT (Swansea Materials and Research Testing).  This collaboration formed over the last 5 years has resulted in the ISM-SMaRT partnership being recognised by Swansea University with Major Research Facility status.

Looking forward, the ISM has a bright future being involved in the SILOET and SAMULET initiatives jointly funded by Rolls-Royce and Innovate UK under the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI).  Currently operating with over £9million in research funding, 2 Associate Professors, a Senior Lecturer, a Lecturer, 17 Postdocs and over 20 Postgraduates (PhD and EngD), the ISM continues to strive for excellence in providing a unique place for academia and industry to work together for mutual gain through advancement of materials technology.

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