Recent Advances in Creep Modelling of the Nickel Base Superalloy, Alloy 720Li

Recent work in the creep field has indicated that the traditional methodologies involving power law equations are not sufficient to describe wide ranging creep behaviour. More recent approaches such as the Wilshire equations however, have shown promise in a wide range of materials, particularly in extrapolation of short term results to long term predictions. In the aerospace industry however, long term creep behaviour is not critical and more focus is required on the prediction of times to specific creep strains. The current paper illustrates the capability of the Wilshire equations to recreate full creep curves in a modern nickel superalloy, and furthermore accurately predict stress relaxation behaviour to allow for more accurate component lifing.


W.J. Harrison, M.T. Whittaker, S.Williams

Materials 2013, 6(3), 1118-1137; doi:10.3390/ma6031118