High temperature creep behaviour in the γ titanium aluminide Ti–45Al–2Mn–2Nb

Gamma titanium aluminides (γ-TiAl) offer strong potential for replacing conventional titanium and nickel-base alloys in future gas turbine engine designs. This is attributed to their lower density compared to the conventional alloys, as well as their high temperature capability and relative resistance to highly oxidising environments. The system Ti-45Al-2Mn-2Nb has been extensively studied under high temperature creep conditions. When compared to an existing, conventional, high temperature titanium alloy, Timetal 834, significant improvements in creep life were demonstrated for equivalent stress conditions with a comparable level of creep ductility between the two alloys. In addition, the gamma titanium aluminide showed a superior resistance to surface oxidation and associated cracking with notable a case formation in Timetal 834 leading to premature failure


Z. Abdallah, M.T. Whittaker, M.R. Bache

Intermetallics, Volume 38, (July 2013)  pp 55-62