Creep fracture of the centrifugally-cast superaustenitic steels, HK40 and HP40

Practical experience of creep failure of components in service is discussed in relation to the creep rupture properties of HK40(25Cr–20Ni–0.4C) and HP40(25Cr–35Ni), which are considered using traditional and new data analysis procedures. The new approach is shown to offer not only a sensible mechanistic interpretation of the observed behaviour patterns but also a reasonable method for predicting long-term fracture strengths by extrapolation of short term creep life values.


M. Whittakera, B.Wilshirea, J.Brearb
a. Materials Research Centre,College of Engineering, Swansea University,Singleton Park,Swansea SA28PP, UK
b. Stress Engineering Services(Europe)Ltd.,Llanelli SA147BP, UK

Materials Science and Engineering: A, Volume 580, 15 September 2013, Pages 391–396